About Me

My digital journey began in 2006 when I started blogging in the entertainment niche. By 2008, at just 19 years old, I was earning online and sold my first website. This was the start of a promising career in the digital world.

In the following years, I dove deeper into the internet, selling websites in various niches, from tech communities to utilities for webmasters, video platforms, file hosting platforms, and Facebook apps.

One of my most notable achievements was a tech blog, enbeeone3.com (redirected to this website) focused on social media and technology updates, which at its peak in 2011 reached over 2 million monthly organic traffic. This was due in large part to my understanding of SEO and content marketing, and the rise of Pinterest and Google+ at the time.

But my journey was not without its challenges. One such setback was in 2012 with Vidinterest, a video curation platform that didn’t quite take off. Despite receiving an early offer to sell, I decided to develop it into a full-fledged product without validating the MVP first, consuming a lot of time and resources. This experience taught me valuable lessons about decision-making and the importance of validating ideas before investing heavily in them. (Vidinterest.tv is now redirected to vdownloader)

An unexpected turning point came while running a blog Detechter.com (I sold this in 2017). Our articles on Hinduism went viral, being shared by millions of people on social media, including prominent political figures and celebrities. This accident led to a newfound interest in spirituality and the start of Vedicfeed in 2018, a spiritual brand focused on making spiritual knowledge and wisdom easily accessible.

Nowadays, I am working on Vedicfeed, Vedicmarga, and a couple of other digital projects. My goal is to continue leveraging my digital marketing expertise to grow these ventures.

My journey has been long and diverse, filled with both successes and lessons. But every step has been worth it. With over a decade and a half of experience in the digital world, I use my expertise to help others grow online.

My approach to digital marketing reflects my belief in the power of ethical marketing. I believe we have a responsibility to shape the internet consciousness positively, and that’s what I intend to continue doing.