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Chaudhary Group (CG) , We can research more than you do

Chaudhary Group (CG) , one of the biggest company of Nepal is about to import GMO seeds from one of the worst company “Monsanto”. Agriculture can be so cruel if Nepalese farmers start using Monsanto seeds.

We have to face the fact that Big Business like CG, believes that people are just more cows to be milked, especially economically week farmers from rural areas. Face it, they herd most of the public around to suit their own needs, their needs being money, money, and more money. They lie, they manipulate, and they hide the real truth. They have been doing this for years. They use the corrupt government system to bully and destroy anyone and anything that could possibly threaten their profits by the smallest percentage. They have the backing of government officials who either don’t have a clue, and don’t want one, or who are only too happy to sell us out. Why not? They can afford healthier foods. It seems to me that a safe, healthy supply of food and water is one of our most basic, vital human rights. But our government and corrupt and unaware politicians protects big business  interests at all costs - so long as the masses are the ones paying the costs with high prices and impaired health.

I never write anything related to this topic in this blog. I am really pissed with the news i recently discovered and what really makes me mad is the way Chaudhary Group of Nepal working with Monsanto to hijack the concept of sustainability.  ( oh Ya, i also remember the case related to “Wai Wai” noddles)

Dear CG, we can research more than you do. You may have 10,000 people working on your R&D department but we are millions, who spend more time researching in Internet everyday. We know what Monsanto is and You know what i mean.

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